Locker Decorations Ideas To Personalize That Locker Of Yours

Locker decorations are varied. In fact the only limitation of how you decorate your locker depends only on your imagination. Anyway, if you are part of students who love to make your locker looks different unlike others, it is your time to switch the plain look of your locker to have better appearance. Have such a plan in mind to decorate your locker, pay attention toward school regulation first. For you to know, just because some schools allow their students to decorate their locker, it doesn’t mean your school speaks the same way. Check through student handbook or ask directly to the one in charged.

What to Consider for Locker Decorations

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To begin the decoration, before adding anything to your locker, you better throw unnecessary items from your locker. Thus, you have enough space to start the decoration. Finish with the cleanup, determine the way you decorate your locker. Do you prefer to do something like do-it-yourself project? Or you prefer to buy its decorating supply somewhere. Another options, you can also put something that you already have like stuffed animal or some. Another important thing to keep in mind is about the size of your locker. By looking at it, you know its size is tiny, thus, decorate only with things it can handle.

Decoration Ideas for Locker


Locker is a place where you store your school essentials like heavy books or some other things. While considering about the things to decorate your locker, determine its function also. Start from the locker doors you can hang photo frames, pen/pencil holders, note board, mirror, and flower as the final touch. Another good idea to make your locker more attractive is by adding locker lighting. Fortunately, you can access locker lighting almost everywhere, but online can be a great resource for you. Hang a pouch that has equal size with your locker door is another great idea that worth trying.