Gives Shiver To The Guests By Choosing Pirate Decorations

Pirate decorations are such a great idea to celebrate party. in fact, pirate is loved by children. Not only children, some teen and adult also adore pirate. As it is getting close to halloween, you can think to choose pirate as your theme party this year. Here are some ideas to decorate your party with pirate’s theme and give shiver to your guests.

Pirate Decorations For Halloween Party

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What do you first see when you attend a party? the gate. It is not that hard to create pirate’s gate. You can even use trees which stand close to each other and hang some pirate accessories. These accessories can be fake blade, barrels, pirate’s flag, etc. you can add fake spider nest to strengthen the horror atmosphere. This fake spider nest is easy to be found and available in many stores. if you cannot find it, you can buy it online because there many online stores sell fake spider nest. Fake skull, framework, and glowing pumpkins must decorate the gate.

Lighting Decorations To Give Some Shiver

Warm or dark lights are preferable in this case. Avoid any bright white lights because it would just ruin the atmosphere. In fact, after creepy gate you can decorate with string lights so the party looks cool. As your costume, surely the host must have pirate costume as well. a blindfold, fake iron hand and one knee is a must. do not forget to wear red scarf as pirate most likely wear it. pirate hat with skull and crossing blades behind is another accessories the host must wear. In the other hand, you have to keep in balance between pumpkins and skulls. Some people put it in the same portion so the pirate’s theme does not really show up. The best advice is, decorating with 3:1 of skulls and pumpkins decorations.