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Decorative mailboxes are the mailboxes which mostly come with the different look due to the decoration that decorate them and make them look nicer and sometimes unique and unusual. Mailboxes here are the kind of case that is placed or installed at the front side of the house or behind the front gate of the house. The function of that things? Of course for receiving post, letter, package and other things that are sent from the other area. In the past, the function of the mailbox for people is only for receiving letters but now, it uses mostly for receiving the kinds of packages in the form of stuff.

Do it Yourself Decorative Mailboxes of Carl Up

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Have you ever watched Up movie? A romantic cartoon movie tells about love story of old grumpy man, Carl with his beloved wife, Ellie. In one of the scenes, there is plot where Carl got angry when his memorable decorative mailbox is broke by the heavy truck of the sky – try build worker. On that scene, we can see the mailbox of Carl looks different since there is his name and his wife’s name on it as the decoration. That is what so called the decorative mailbox. From the mailbox of Carl, we can get inspiration that it is a great idea to decorate the mailbox and make it looks different.

DIY Mailbox Decorating

If you interest to have such the memorable decorative mailbox like the Carl’s, you can definitely make it by yourself. All you need is creativity and several references to inspire you. If you want the simplest DIY mailbox you can do as what Carl did. Put your name and your beloved name on it. Even that is simple, the result still nice. If you want something looks more decorative, you can collaborate it with some other decorations and maybe colors.