Amazing Boho Decor Ideas To Impress The Guests

Boho decor is such a great theme for your house. In fact, this decoration is not considered as old one because it has modern colour combination. This kind of decoration will give you classic-modern look which is pretty unique. How do you create this decoration? here are some tips so that the decoration will have boho accent instead of just classic or modern accent which shows up.

How To Create Boho Decor

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Creating this kind of decoration is not that hard. In fact, you are going to have some experiment with the colours. Colour mixing is pretty important and you have to be brave with this. For example, you can have green and grey as main colour. colour splash such as purple, white, pink, blue, at the same time is not that bad either. If you are still afraid the colour will not match, you can look at some pictures so that you can imagine what colour mix you want for your room. The next is decorating the wall. Abstract decoration is the best and suit boho theme the most. For example, you can decor the wall with photo in frames. That way some part of the wall will be covered and that is when the boho theme shows up.

Another Decoration For Boho Theme

If you want to strengthen boho theme, you can add some decorations such as globe or big abstract flower. This big abstract flower will be perfect to hang on certain part of the wall. Boho theme shows up stronger with this flower. Another idea is to decor with globe. You can plut this globe on chair side table. In the other hand, cactus is such a plant which suits with boho theme. If you have sofa in your room, put cactus on each side and your guests will notice boho theme in the room faster.